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Rocky Mountain is an essential partner & valuable asset to any dental practice's permanent dental restoration team.

Serving Albuquerque & New Mexico since the early 1980's, we have over 50 years of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience in dental laboratory technology.  Meaning we are able to provide tremendous value and maximum production of your chair time.  In a 2010 study, it was determined our laboratory saved our dentists an average of 15 minutes or $150 of chair time when one of our restorations is inserted.

To make our dentist's more profitable:

  • We continually monitor our quality throughout every phase of production.  If there is even the slightest imperfection or any question of integrity, fabrication is completely stopped and the case is completely re-made from the beginning.
  • We assign a specific team of our technicians to best address the dentist's needs & desires.  This team is carefully tailored and it will complete every case for the dentist each time that dentist sends a case to the lab.

These two very important philosophies, in addition to our ability to educate our dentist's and client's on the newest materials & techniques, translates into one of the lowest remake percentages in the industry. During the past 5 years, only .65% of our delivered restorations were remade. This is a testament to our ability to get your case right the first time...every time.

Why Rocky Mountain Dental Lab?
"Rocky Mountain's quality is exceptional; their prices are reasonable & their service is great." 
Byron Wall, DDS